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"People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what’s bitter and move on."
Bill Cosby (via quotableeverything)

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Ten years and one day

Wow, we practically share the same birthday.

My Brother, my Love.

My Habibi up above. 

I miss you, my Dear.

In my heart, you’re always here.

I know I should be happy,

Yet at times I am sad.

Would you look like Mom?

Or maybe just like Dad?

Would we be alike

Or the siblings who always fight?

Today, you would’ve been eleven

But hey, at least I’ll always have my Angel in Heaven.

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If only I remembered this every single time, before I open my mouth.
Wishing this everyday about every single one of my friends, and even the friends I’ve lost. 

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"It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you."
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via themoonflowers)

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I was about to delete my tumblr…

And then I thought about how much I just like to come and express my feelings.  Then, I realized how great it is to express!

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Reminds me of how we need to protect the unborn.